Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Project co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of the 2nd Health Programme
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1. Sampling method: in contrast to other tissues, skin tissue is inherently colonised by micro-organisms. Therefore it is more reliable to test pieces of skin than the collection and storage media and it is feasible to take pieces of tissue from every sheet of skin in the final container into the sample for the microbiology test. For most TE, 10% of the tissue to be used for testing is considered too great a loss of transplantable tissue.


2. Processing of a batch of skin takes at least 3 hours (amount of cm2 per donor varies but 2.000cm2 is generally retrieved).


3. Glycerol at high concentrations inactivates different species of bacteria, see references 1-3. A validation study has not been done so far.


4a. Glycerol 85% preservation results in non-vital skin with intact morphology (ref 4).


4b. Skin is used to provide temporary coverage of a wound, as a biological dressing, not as an implant.


5. Total score is 17 for 85% glycerol preserved skin, therefore processing in A with a D background would be indicated as adequate.  However, it is noted that this analysis would need to be carried out by each centre, considering its own protocols and risk reduction measures.

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