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4.7.1 Short description of the FMEA method Define occurrence/possibility and severity.

Use a 3 points scale, a five point scale or a ten point scale according to your needs (low, medium, high for example). The scale should ideally be based on quantitative facts or data gathered using spiking experiments or ‘sham runs’. For example: how many transport movements in distributions are there and how many non conformities to judge the occurrence.

a)        Take the worst case scenario for defining the consequences of the risk factor;

b)        Score the occurrence and severity and detectability;

c)        Then, add the measures which are already in place in your TE;

d)        Now score the occurrence, severity and detectability again;

e)        If the risk is not acceptable, state proposals for measures and calculate again;

f)         The risk should now be mitigated and be acceptable.


In the subsequent risk management report state which risks are not acceptable or which are acceptable but high, and also state that all risks together form no additional risk.

The FMEA model is explained more in detail in the examples added to this chapter.

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