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    • B.3.1.1. Reception
    • B.3.1.2. Access to the processing facilities
    • B.3.1.3. Processing
      • B.
      • B. Processing methods
        • B. Processing of tissues and cells
        • B. Decontamination of tissues and cells
    • B.3.1.4. Quality control
      • B. Microbiological control
        • B. General Principle
        • B. Methods
      • B. controls
        • B. controls for cornea
        • B. Evaluation of scleral quality
    • B.3.1.5. Packaging and labelling
    • B.3.1.6. Storage/ preservation
      • B. General
      • B. Methods of preservation and storage
        • B. Preservation and storage of corneal tissue
        • B. Preservation and storage of scleral tissue
      • B. Storage area
    • B.3.1.7. Documentation and release
      • B. General
      • B. Release
        • B. Release of cornea
        • B. Release of sclera
      • B. Processing file contents
      • B. Availability for inspection
      • B. Traceability
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